Anlin Catalina Series

Anlin Catalina Windows

Anlin Catalina windows are designed and engineered to provide beauty, energy efficiency, durability and ease of operation.

Anlin Catalina Windows

Anlin Catalina Features

Anlin Catalina windows exceed Energy Star® requirements and help you save on energy costs year-round.
glass pack sunmatrix 300x300
Anlin SunMatrix
(Optional Upgrade)
  • Most ideal for warm to hot climates
  • Premium solar protection with high visible light
  • 4 Layers of Energy Efficient Low-E Coating
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Year round comfort and savings
  • Easy Clean Exterior Coating Included

glass pack sunshield 300x300
Anlin SunShield
(Optional Upgrade)
  • Most ideal for hot climates
  • Maximum solar protection against extreme temperatures and sun exposure
  • 3 Layers of Energy Efficient Low-E Coating
  • Blue/Gray Tint provides anti-glare protection
  • Blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Year round comfort and savings
  • Easy Clean Exterior Coating Included

glass pack luminance 300x300
Anlin Luminance
(Other Option)
  • Most ideal for cold climates
  • Passive coating provides maximum possible visible light and allows warmth to enter your home during winter
  • 1 Layer of Energy Efficient Low-E Coating
  • Blocks 71% of UV rays
  • Year round comfort and savings

Noise Reduction

Anlin Catalina windows come with double-strength glass, which is twice as strong and provides better sound control than ordinary glass. Anlin’s optional Sound Package with sound suppression technology is also available for greater noise reduction.

Anlin Sound Package

Reduce up to 50% of outside noise compared to typical dual-pane windows.

even sightline single slider 300x300

Even Sightlines

Anlin Catalina windows with even sightline frame brings a balanced, symmetrical look to your home for enhanced curb appeal.

maximum view single slider 300x300

Maximum View

Available in a slim profile frame for maximum glass viewing area.

frame cutout 300x300

Anlin XTRU

Anlin’s proprietary Titanium Dioxide Infused Vinyl Extrusion is architecturally engineered for superior strength, durability and energy efficiency.

rollers balance 300x300

Smooth Operation

High-quality rollers and a constant-force stainless steel balance system make sliding and hung windows easy to operate.

prevent jimmying

Continuous Interlock

Continuous Interlock prevents “jimmying” the pull tight cam lock from the outside and passes the most stringent forced entry resistance test.

anlin warranty

anlin armor
anlin armor logo 300x92
AnlinArmor™ is an easy peel-off protective film on the interior and exterior glass that keeps your windows and doors in pristine condition throughout the manufacturing, delivery, and installation processes.

Anlin Catalina Window Types

single slider window

Single Slider

single hung window

Single Hung

picture window


geometric window


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